Love Me, Anyway // Minadora Macheret

Love Me, Anyway examines the body in all of its imperfect glory, surviving chronic illness, and growing into womanhood haunted. Macheret explores the mother/daughter relationship, bridging years of absence with the filaments of the speaker’s own identity, weaving together mother/daughter body/body illness/illness, at once writing letters to herself and the ghost of her mother, still so present in the mirror. “Her ancestors: a current in which she bathes,” she leaves nothing behind, “Dear disease,” she writes: “Please gentle the body—thicken it with sleep.” This collection is tender and honest, bones laid bare, “god-struck” with longing, and stretched wide.  (Porkbelly Press, 2018) » available in our shop » full details




the day you disappeared,
the sports bra made my ribcage
cinch my sharp spine inward
push prepubescent breasts outward
I didn’t know my hormones perched
bodies open waiting for your sign.
Maybe they need a mother
like trail guides, climb the ridge
of my sex—bud into being
and without her? Become unnecessary.


my father brought home a woman
she promised his children an instant of forever
an herb garden stamped the placement of her feet,
of lavender-lush, those thyme tracked trails.
She taught me necessity, green thumb on her brow,
be my Demeter—
stretch-wide my mother’s ghost.


every seven days cells replace themselves
every three years I replace my mother.


in smoky bars you hung
to the curve of bar stools,
mistaken I pressed my lips
to the outline of your shot glass,
I blurred into other.
Breathe me out sweet, Daisy—
before I forget you.


you were an indent of laughter
paintings bloomed from your mouth.

Now, your body sea-strewn,
your words suture me closed.

about the poet

Minadora Macheret is a Ph.D. student and Teaching Fellow at the University of North Texas. She is a Poetry Editor for Devilfish Review and the Co-Coordinator of Poets in Pajamas Reading Series. Her poetry has won the Sigma Tau Delta First Place Poetry Award, Seaton Fellowship, and other awards. Her work has appeared in Tinderbox Poetry JournalRed Paint HillRogue AgentConnotation Press, and elsewhere.

Lost Birds of the Iron Range // Amber Edmondson

Lost Birds of the Iron Range (Amber Edmondson) takes the imagery of birds and spins it into a landscape of imagined moments, underground, above ground, often a secret chamber, bird held in the reliquary of a chest or belly or a cavern, subsisting on what warm and wriggling things can be found in such places. This is an excavation of feather, bone, limestone and lace: “a stowaway, a secret, a weathered map, leading back home.” (Porkbelly Press, 2017) » excerpt & more

about the poet

Amber Edmondson is a poet and book artist who lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, near Lake Superior. Her work has appeared in Border Crossing, Menacing Hedge, and Stirring: A Literary Collection, among others. Her first chapbook, Darling Girl, is available from dancing girl press.

about the cover art & artist

Mary Woodworth »
title: “Navigating the Highlands”
media: collagraph
size: 30 x 22 inches

Rooted by Thirst (Tina Mozelle Braziel)

Rooted by Thirst, Tina Mozelle Braziel’s chapbook of poems, is meditation and journey, a circumbulation of this plot of land that reveals pieces of speaker and landscape—a sense of place both had and longed for. Each poem yearns; each page deepens, roots curling into ready loam. The final poem of this book is one of the strongest we’ve yet chosen—it closes and opens at once, spiraling off like light slipping across a field to flash over all that’s hidden in the rest of the day. In the gold, all things are possible. // available in our shop // learn more

Cover art by Kathleen Piercefield.

Pray, Pray, Pray (cover preview!)

E. Kristin Anderson’s forthcoming chapbook of poems, Pray, Pray, Pray: poems I wrote to Prince in the middle of the night. Now available for pre-order.

What folks are already saying about this book:

“It is the most American autumn evening turning to night in E. Kristin Anderson’s spectacular Pray, Pray, Pray. The speaker can’t sleep, but implores the reader to “Put your hand on my back and push.” Comply and crack the spine for these epistolary anthems to love and insomnia. While the poet masterfully assembles the false syllogisms of our contemporary lives, she knows some things are true. For example, “Poems do not lie.” I first met E. Kristin in Minneapolis, at an ethereal dance party celebrating Prince. After reading Pray, Pray, Pray, I imagine her always there, her “mind…an animal, American…down to the bone.” Anderson is “The Kid,” but fresh and female, now dancing and singing under the purple rain by some “halogen miracle.” Let us all join in her praise.”

~Sandra Marchetti, author of Confluence and Heart Radicals

“E. Kristin Anderson’s poems are intimate, brave and driven by a powerful search for calm and security in a world that fails us so often. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY chooses the musician Prince as its muse and–like that musical genius–these poems are equally adept at navigating both the high and low notes of the complex, full life they describe. The voice of the poems is at once exultant and fraught, bringing readers deeply into our America, a country in which “there is only beauty and emptiness,” and anxiety and depression are a “dark secret,” but a pop icon can be “an old friend” or even a savior. These are wonderful, truthful poems. You should read them immediately.”

~Jessica Piazza, author of Interrobang and This is not a sky

2016 Micro Chapbook Line

After a 6 week reading period in which we did our best to answer every submission in 3-7 days, we’re pleased to announce that the following micro chapbooks have been accepted and will appear in 2016:

Dry Spell (Patrick Kindig)

bindweed & crow poison: small poems of stray girls, fierce women (Robin Turner)

Ghost Tongue (Nicole Rollender)

Poems for Ivan (Sara Adams)

Haunting the Last House on Holland Island, Fallen into the Bay (Sarah Ann Winn)

Everything I Own (Angela Just)

Lost Birds of the Iron Range (Amber Edmondson)

Thank you for your patience & your beautiful, fierce words. We look forward to crafting them into tiny books! The release order has yet to be determined, but we should iron it out by mid-September or October. We aim to release most of these titles in the first half of the year.

Also of note is the micro submitted by James White—we requested an extended version, which we then accepted as our February 2016 chapbook release:

hiku [pull] (James White)

Chapbook Reading Period Extended!

Submission Limit Reached

Since we’ve capped out on fee-free submissions this month over at Submittable, we’re going to extend our chapbook reading period into February.

We’re still able to take chapbooks with a purchase or chapbooks with a tip jar donation.

Submission Deadline Extended: First 2 Weeks in February

Please check back February 1, 2015 – Feb 14, 2015 to submit your manuscript.

Bodies in Water & Vein of Stone (open edition)

We’re pleased to present you with a first look at the open edition covers of two of our titles. These covers are inkjet printed on matte professional photo paper & feature hand-cut title flags, typewritten on recycled (100% PCW) paper. Each varies slightly.

Bodies in Water Cover Art

“No River Like Craving” (oil, 36 x 48 inches) by Angie Reed Garner.
Garner is a second-generation narrative painter from Kentucky.

Vein of Stone Cover Art

“I Was Listening” (collagraph & monotype, 15 x 22 inches) by Kathleen Piercefield.
Piercefield is a Kentucky based printmaker and fine artist.


Bodies in Water and Vein of Stone are available via Etsy.
Special edition copies (screen printed covers) may also be available. Please check our Porkbelly Press shop section.

Stay tuned for a look at our first micro chapbooks & other titles.