SKY+SEA (Porkbelly Press, 2016) is an anthology of poetry, prose, and art inspired by the stars, planets, nebulae, comets, the depths of the ocean, Galileo, sailors navigating by constellations, omens, shooting stars, and divination.

the contributors

Stacey Balkun, Lori Sambol Brody, Zelda Chappel, A.E. Clark, Tyree Daye, Kelsey Dean, Carlina Duan, Chelsea Eckert, Jennifer A. Howard, Sonja Johanson, Anita Olivia Koester, Sandra Marchetti, Ryan Mattern, Laura Sloane Patterson, Nicole Rollender, Jason Sears, Erin Elizabeth Smith, Kitsuko Steinman-Arendsee, and Nicole Tong.

covers & binding

This limited edition book was made using traditional bookbinding & printmaking techniques including letterpress and screen print. Edition is limited to 125 varying covers, 46 of which are jellyfish (screen printed). Jellyfish vary, from 2 to 5 color passes, including metallic gold (all acrylic ink). The remaining portion of the edition is letterpress in orange or blue (oil based ink) made with vintage type. The edition is printed on cardstock varying in weight from 60# to 105#. Edition is hand-numbered.

Binding & cover art by printmaker Nicci Mechler »

Letterpress covers were printed at Tiger Lily Press (Cincinnati, Ohio) on their Vandercook Proof Press with vintage wood & metal type.

printing process images