Found Footage // Maggie Woodward


Found Footage is visceral little book of freckled skin, fox-bellies, and sparrow blood. There are erasures scribbled out in pen and secrets released into the night—girl stories, horror stories, love stories, a little bit of each one ominous.: “this is how the story goes: there was a girl & / there was a river.” They feel like confessions pulled from a diary stained around the edges in blood and darker things, each one “fanged  (but lovely).” (Porkbelly Press, 2018) » available from our shop



about the poet

maggie woodward is an mfa candidate in poetry at the university of mississippi, where she is senior editor of the yalobusha review & curates the trobar ric reading series. she is also a programmer for the oxford film festival. her work has appeared or is forthcoming from The Atlas Review, Devil’s Lake, Witch Craft Magazine, Cloud Rodeo, & New South Journal, among others.

about the cover

Found Footage measures approximately 6 x 5 1/4 inches. It’s letterpress printed on 80#, linen-textured black stock using vintage type (wood & metal) from the collection at Tiger Lily Press, a non-profit arts organization in Cincinnati, Ohio. They’re printed on a Vandercook Proof Press, inked by hand. Each book is bound by hand and numbered, released in editions of 50.

Cover Artist: Nicci Mechler | blog


All erasure poems are sourced from SHEET FILTH!, a British zine published between 1987 and 1990 which offered a mix of sleazy, shocking film and book reviews, music coverage, weird cartoons, and interviews with legends of cult cinema and adult entertainment.