bindweed & crow poison: small poems of stray girls, fierce women // Robin Turner

These tiny poems are fierce records of women & girls—even the youngest are deeply rooted, even the shortest lines packed with vivid imagery hold an edge—even those pretty yellow petals float on dark, and there’s no way to know how deep it goes, or what lies underneath, except to brave it. | available in our shop

an excerpt from the micro chapbook

crow poison

in this telling
the girl wears
a boy’s faded plaid flannel

she wears black leggings ripped
across generous wide thighs
short shorts and muck boots metallic ink blue

she has named herself april
she is beginning again

in this telling
she has kept the crown of flowers
ditching daisies for crow poison delicate and wild

she wears their dark name
against her dark hair heavy with heat and intention
she slides on her thick eyeglasses

in this telling
she has left the old gossamer getup
down in some long-ago riverbed

let it pool there
between stones and shimmer awhile
into the last of the day’s late light

About the Poet

Robin Turner lives, works, and daydreams in Dallas, Texas. She is a teaching artist in museums, youth shelters, and community centers, and serves as an online writing guide for homeschooled teens. Her work has appeared in Anima Poetry, Ilya’s Honey, Nonbinary Review, Red River Review, Referential Magazine, Friends Journal, and in numerous other print and online publications.


Cover Art

The cover is inkjet printed on premium matte paper. It’s trimmed down to just under 6 1/4 x 5 1/4 inches and bound by hand with heavy thread.

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