Burnt Offering

» Submit Dec 11 – February 14 via Submittable.

Porkbelly Press (in partnership with the reading staff of Sugared Water) is seeking work rooted in the imagery & language of earth and/or fire. We’re interested in work incorporating ritual, not limited to herbalism, witchcraft, cooking, stirring, meditation, or traditional practice (personal of familial). Send us your poetry, your prose poems, micro/short fictions & short essays. We’d love to read them. We prefer to read multiple pieces (3-5), but if you have one really fantastic piece you think we might like, don’t hesitate to send it.


Yes, we will consider reprints. Please include first printing at the bottom of the page of the reprint so we know where citation is due.

Reading Period:

Beginning in December 2017, we will read for this issue through February 14, or until it is full (no more than 40 pages), accepting work as it strikes us. Give us evocative, descriptive language. Spin and enchant us. If it happens that we have more pages to fill after we finish with the first round of submissions, we will re-open for a month or so later in the year.

What to send:

We’re fans of literary work as well as genre, so feel free to blend the two, or step to one side or the other.

Poetry • Fiction • Creative Nonfiction • Comics & Sequential Art • Art

The important stuff:
  • Fiction & CNF should follow standard manuscript format. We’ll consider micro forms and short forms up to 1,500 words. (If you have something just over that limit, please query with length & themes.)
  • 12 point Garamond, please. Standard manuscript format for prose.
  • Art & Comics: No more than 5 .JPGs/pages at a time, please.
  • Poetry: submit all poems in one .doc, .docx, or .rtf. No more than five poems per submission.
  • You may submit one packet in each genre to start (poetry, CNF, art, or fiction). Once you receive a reply, you may submit again.

Include a cover letter if you like. Anything you tell us in your cover letter is strictly up to you. We’ve provided a bio section with a word limit of 50 words. Feel free to be a bit whimsical in your biographical statement. We don’t mind!

Payment & Misc Info

Payment: 1 (one) contributor copy of the resulting limited edition, handbound issue. (Print run is usually around 100 – 125 copies.) We may contact you at a later date if we decide to do a digital version (once the print sells out). We will not include you in the digital version unless you give permission.

We may wish to archive a few pieces on our website, but we will always ask your approval first.

Additional contributor copies may be purchased at a discount. (Once print format/cover design has been finalized, we’ll let you know how much. It’s usually between 20% and 40%.) Our anthos generally have a cover price between $8.50 – $10 USD.