issue 002

Each copy of #002 is wrapped lovingly in a hand-pulled, four color serigraph with stencil on 100% recycled (25% PCW) 105lb stock. This edition is 195, each hand numbered & handsewn. (Spring 2014) // $10 via

Our cover features a trio of feathers stacked to suggest a leaf form, inspired, of course, by one of the pieces inside—in this case, a poem.


Katie Berger, “Valentine’s Day”
Jessica Bixel, “The Sister and Other Inventions”
Su Cho, “In the Middle of the Highway, There is a Garden”
Wendy Creekmore, “This Place Turned Headstone”
Kelly Dumar, “Enough”
Malisa Garlieb, “The Pair” and “Blueberry Season”
Lois Marie Harrod, “Dump”
Scott Hartwich, “Montana Elegy”
Yume Kim, “The Little Girl and the Blue Umbrella”
Anna King, “Everything Afterward Had Always Been”
Christen Leppla, “Morning”
Rebecca McLeod, “Don’t Forget to Hang the New Curtains in Our Bedroom”
Caitlin Neely, “The Interior Part”
s. Nicholas, “Feed” and “Cherries”
Dustin Parsons, “Transmission” and “Mulberries”
Marina Petrova, “The Boat”
John W. Sexton, “The Legend of Flight”
Wes Solether, “I Lay Flush With”
SJ Stephens, “Hidden Among Trees”
Steven Wolf, “He Holds Me Together Against His Chest”


As with the first issue, we’ve produced an edition of screen prints for the cover. We used a technique called a rainbow roll, and though every print contains 3 ink colors, the gradient blend on each is unique. (We began with white, yellow, and red inks and printed a finishing line in metallic gold.) Finished with cerulean blue acrylic stencil. (see below)

Printmakers: Nicci Mechler & Jonathan Rountree.

Interior contents selected by: Nicci Mechler, Lauren Magee, Ashley Blake, Shawn Daniell, Anna Duvall, Karen Chinetti, & Ranee Stemann.