From time to time, Porkbelly Press and Sugared Water‘s staff team up to create an anthology of works related to a theme or cluster of images as source inspiration. We collect the unusual, the odd, and those curiosities that ask you to pause, look, and linger a while.

Myth+Magic is a collection of poetry&fiction built of modern takes on myth, fable, & fairy tale.

Words for Worlds is our first invite-only anthology with a guest editor, P. Andrew Miller. The poets included work in the realm of the fantastic. 10 ICFA poets are represented here. | more info

Emily, our second antho, is poetry with a dash of art, inspired by the works&life&letters of Emily Dickinson. | more info

Our first anthology is Sugared Water’s Epistolary, launched in late December 2014. Each of the works inside of it are addressed to a recipient. These pieces are a garden of secrets. | more info

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