Bodies in Water – P. Andrew Miller

Porkbelly Press is pleased to announce the acceptance of its first chapbook, P. Andrew Miller’s Bodies in Water.  | order

This chapbook, forthcoming in the first quarter of 2014, pairs a personal essay (sprinkled with lyric language and just a little shapeshifting magic) with a short story exploring the way the river’s song slowly takes over a woman’s life, and, in some ways, her family. This chapbook explores identity, memory, and obsession—you may yet look differently at the river the next time you cross one.

A sample from “Skins”:

In spring, I will feel the call of the sun and the heat and the water.  In those first few days of 70 degree weather, I will give in to the call that I will hear in my heart and my blood. I will know it is spring and I will answer.

I will wait until dusk, then I will pick up my skin and make my way across the street and then walk down to where the larger creek runs under the road, pouring out and down the hill into the Great Miami. I will climb and slip down the bank to the edge of the creek…

We’re proud to welcome Andy into our family here at Porkbelly Press. He just happens to be a Cincinnati native, and friend to writers around the world. If you’re interested in learning more about him and his other publications, as well as items currently available for purchase online, please check out his blog: Talk Geek to Me

P. Andrew Miller is coordinator of creative writing at Northern Kentucky University. His stories and poems have appeared in many different publications including Sugared Water, Dragon Magazine, Sword & Sorceress 13 and 18, The MacGuffin, Drawn to Marvel, and many others. His first chapbook, The Legacy of the Turquoise Knight was a lyric comic released from Finishing Line Press in 2010. His short story collection In Love, In Water and Other Stories is forthcoming from Post Mortem Press. He lives in Cincinnati and collects dragons, super hero artwork, and Germans.