issue 001


Each issue of #001 is wrapped lovingly in a hand-pulled serigraph with stencil on 100% recycled (25% PCW) 80 – 105lb stock. The edition is  limited to 240—each hand-numbered & hand-sewn. (Fall 2013) » $10

This collection of poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction is something we’re proud to offer up to you. As readers, we were delighted to take these works through the process from our submission period through to binding by hand. Our cover illustration was inspired by the very first piece of flash fiction we accepted—Rebecca Emanuelsen’s “Fred the Fish.”


Paul David Adkins, “Romancing Christine Garren’s Among the Monarchs in Iraq Despite Central Command’s General Order 1″
Jessica Bixel, “Lovesong”
Michael Brookbank, “Who Said Anything About Flesh?”
Wendy Creekmore, “Fleshen Mavens”
Rebecca Emanuelsen, “Fred the Fish”
Lauren Gordon, “I’m Building a New Spine”
Carol Guess & Kelly Magee, “The Storm Grower”
Roxanne Kent-Drury, “Thousands of Raucous Grackles” and “Last Night of the Year”
Vickie Knueven, “I Remember the Kitchen”
Kate LaDew, “I’m Afraid of the Way Your Voice Changes When You Talk About Him”
Christen Leppla, “Some Kind of Reflection”
Jennifer Martelli, “Avocado”
Rebecca McLeod, “The First Session on Anger Management”
P. Andrew Miller, “A Poem About My Father”
Caitlin Neely, “This is Use” and “Grace Hour”
Victor David Sandiego, “Advice from My Father”
Tori Telfer, “Broken Siren Song”
Rex Anthony Trogdon, “Hazel” and “How to Read a Poem”
Loretta Diane Walker, “Lifting Mama”
Sara Walters, “Kept”
Hilda Weaver, “The Gospel According to Elisabeth”
Yim Tan Wong, “Angelfish”


An edition of hand-pulled screen prints, in two colors, with a gold stencil to finish. Printed on 100% recycled stock (20% PCW). Printmakers: Jonathan Rountree & Nicci Mechler.

The inaugural issue of Sugared Water was selected by: Nicci Mechler, Lauren Magee, Ashley Blake, Shawn Daniell, Anna Duvall, Kristin Koester, Karen Chinetti, & Ranee Stemann.