Sugared Water 005

Sugared Water‘s fifth issue is bound in a hand-pulled print cover, this time a combination of screenprinting and letterpress. SW005 contains poetry & creative nonfiction essays. 80 pages, $12. Limited to an edition of 100. » more about this issue

Design, printing & binding by printmaker Nicci Mechler.


E. Kristin Anderson, Catherine Arra, Tammy Bendetti, Alyse Bensel, Sheila Black, Ariella Carmell, Susana H. Case, Su Cho, A.E. Clark, James Croteau, Carlina Duan, Patrick James Errington, Wren Hanks, Sonja Johanson, Eve Kenneally, Michal Leibowitz, Minadora Macheret, Laura K. McRae, Natalia Mujadzik, Tanya Muzumdar, JoDean Nicolette, Susan Rich, Thadra Sheridan, Shakeema Smalls, and Amanda Stovicek.

Sugared Water issue 003

The third issue of our lit. mag. Sugared Water is fresh off the binding table (a fancy term for the side of Nicci’s desk next to a box of thread & needles). This, like our other issues, is 56 pages long and features a handprinted cover (screen print) with two colors on 100% recycled, 20% PCW stock, most between 80# and 105#. Jonathan Rountree provided the drawing for the cover, inspired by a piece from the guts. The edition is limited to 100.

You’ll find work by 25 contributors, poetry-heavy with the inclusion of a couple of pieces of delightful short fiction. For a full list of contributors, please see Sugared Water‘s blog post on the issue release, or hop over to our Etsy shop. | $10

Sugared Water #001, Literary Magazine

Sugared Water is a cross-genre literary magazine made in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s also Porkbelly Press’ first title.


SW is printed in a limited edition of 240, featuring a two color, hand-pulled, screenprinted covers (60+ lb, kraft stock, 100% recycled, 20% PCW), stenciling in brilliant gold. It’s also bound and editioned by hand. Edited by Nicci Mechler.

From the website: If we could candy words, we’d eat them to bellyaches every afternoon. We carry journals and collect chapbooks like Smaug ripping through a gold-sequin disco. If we’re lucky enough to leave something behind that enriches the dialogue of writerly types around the world, so much the better. Send us your stuff—we’ll only hoard it for a little while.

Are you a writer or poet? Sugared Water reads April 1 – July 1 and October 1 – January 1 via Submittable.

Several local poets are featured in the mag. #001 contains 56 pages: 21 poems, 1 piece of creative nonfiction, and 3 works of flash and short fiction.

Contributors include: Paul David Adkins, Jessica Bixel, Michael Brookbank, Wendy Creekmore, Rebecca Emanuelsen, Lauren Gordon, Carol Guess, Roxanne Kent-Drury, Vickie Knueven, Kate LaDew, Christen Leppla, Kelly Magee, Jennifer Martelli, Rebecca McLeod, P. Andrew Miller, Caitlin Neely, Victor David Sandiego, Tori Telfer, Rex Anthony Trogdon, Loretta Diane Walker, Sara Walters, Hilda Weaver, and Yim Tan Wong.

SW is available for purchase via Wicked Little Heart (Etsy) in the Porkbelly Press section.