Monday Bacon

(Recent crisp &/or delightful mentions, features & reviews of Porkbelly Press titles.)


The Peace of Wild Things (Ariana D. Den Bleyker) reviewed by Allie Marini (via Rhizomatic Ideas // Zoetic Press):

“Dickinson writes, “A wounded deer leaps highest,” and in a movement of 15 poems, Den Bleyker shows us just how high that wounded deer can rise—each poem fuses the beauty and violence of nature, the casual cruelty of the natural order of things, as something that is simultaneously terrifying, intoxicating, and necessary for evolution. Wolves, deer, crows, wild boar, salmon, and all manner of songbirds—from chickadees and thrushes to cardinals and finches—populate the lines of the poems, each of them stitched together with the human voice of “you” and “me”, who at times run together as a pack and at other times hopelessly leap upstream, towards their death and away from each other.”  | read the entire review.

My Heart in Aspic (Sonya Vatomsky) reviewed by Ruth Foley via Horse Less Press:

“These poems often feel like they have spilled onto the page of their own volition, and in some ways I suppose they have. They arrive without warning, without any sense of internal censorship, and invite a reader to take them as they are.” | read the entire review.


My Heart in Aspic (Sonya Vatomsky) is this week’s “Best Dressed” at Sundress Publications’ The Wardrobe.


If you’re at the Dallas Zine Party (The Wild Detectives Bookstore, Dallas, TX) on Sept 6, look for Robin Turner, a contributor to Emily (our anthology of works inspired by the letters, life, and poems of Emily Dickinson). She’ll have a few copies of the antho on hand.

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